Five Pawns

The pawn shape reminded us initially of the drip tip as did liquid bottles sitting on our tables. The official dictionary definition defines a Pawn as: 2. (noun) Someone or something who is used or manipulated to further another person’s purposes. We thought of our liquid much like the “pawn”. It’s fitting that the game of chess (a sophisticated and complex game) uses the pawn. The pawn moves only forward and is often sacrificed (much like our liquid). We decided to start with five complex and sophisticated flavors (although we now have ten). Additionally, there are five traditional tastes known to man; sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami (which is described as savory). Our initial offering (Signature Series) has a flavor that satisfies one of each of the five tastes. Hence the name Five Pawns and “It’s your move…”.

Everything is made by hand and in very small batches. As you’ll see on our bottle and packaging labels, all numbers match and our batches generally consist of 275 bottles per lot. We’ve invested a lot of time and money in our facility and in our flavors. As a matter of fact, the first five offerings (Signature Series) were in development for about six months before being released. Later, our second five (Mixology Edition), was in development for even longer. We’re perfectionists and refuse to allow any liquid to leave our facility before it’s absolutely perfect. We use only USP / food grade ingredients and the best premium pharmaceutical grade nicotine. We disclose the obvious flavors for tasting note reasons but there are many other ingredients that help enhance what you taste. We use only the very best ingredients sourced both domestically and locally, and all liquid is made in-house in the state of California. All of our blends result in a 50% VG / 50% PG combination and come only in 30ml bottles. Flavors are extracted from actual base ingredients and we offer each flavor in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine doses.

Cuttwood Juices




ΑΜΜΟ Paris


« Reverie is the vapor of the mind » Victor Hugo

Vaponaute wants to offer a new way of vaping : more voluptuous & more playful. Through inspiring flavors and elegant e-cigarettes, Vaponaute takes you on an offbeat journey. We want to bring you a new approach of the Vape and an approach exceptionally dedicated to pleasure seekers.

We really hope that you will enjoy our products and we would like to tell you a bit more about us. Vaponaute was from the beginning, the story of an encounter. Two people tired of being smokers and disappointed by most of the substitutes for cigarettes, decided to join forces to launch the world's 1st luxury brand of both e-cigarettes and e-liquids!

Léopold is a senior jewelry designer working for a renowned Maison of the Place Vendôme, Paris. Léopold wanted to raise the e-cig design standards. His mods combine both performance and finesse. Leopold's luxury e-cigarettes gather, together both timeless elegance and facility of use. Our manufacturing plant has reached our highest expectations, it is implemented in Haute Savoie, a well-known region for high-quality machining, which already collaborates with French luxury brands.

Anne-Claire started designing flavors after a determined experience in top-class wines & spirits. Passionate by flavors, Anne-Claire has traveled all around the world to make the most of her tastebuds. Today she designs Vaponaute's luxury e-liquids. The recipes are finalized with the help of a chemist and an enologist in a renowned laboratory at the heart the French capital of perfumes & aromas : Grasse. All our luxury e-juices are produced in France in the most rigorous and safe environment. Our aromas, as well as our vegetal glycerin are produced in France, our propylene glycol originates from European Union.

Vaponaute keeps designing new luxury e-cigarettes and luxury e-liquids, always looking for new sensations. To have a preview of our up-coming products, check here!


Halo Cigs prides itself on providing quality, American made products. Through research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation we are dedicated to providing electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, e-juice, smoke juice and all the accessories that go with them. While we are committed to not only making superior products, we are also devoted to providing consistency through our product lines and customer service. At Halo, we are proud to make our products with only approved high quality ingredients because we make the safety of our customers our top priority.


Meet the most premium tobacco-flavoured e-liquids in the world.

Velvet Vape introduces the first series of tobacco e-liquids which will change the standards.


OVALE is the world leader for the production of electronic cigarettes. If you are considering switching to the electronic cigarette, OVALE has all you’ll ever need. In the last 8 years OVALE has created an international expanding network in Europe, America and Asia. The close partnership of its founders has successfully produced a line of products remarkable for their cutting edge technology, reliability and safety.


After-8 team is consisted by vapor - lovers with passion for new flavors and new tastes!

In December of 2010, we started our first DIY projects with various vendors, suppliers, flavors and ingredients. Time of trial and error but with some good and interesting results. After studying and understanding the principals of flavoring, we decided to move on and share some samples with our friends - families, yearning for their opinion.

And then, it all started!

After almost 2 years tuning our flavors, we decided to introduce our work to the public, by developing our line of Premium e-flavors & e-juices for electronic cigarettes.

Using only the highest quality of American ingredients, we ensure, a tasteful vaping experience. Our company has just entered the 2nd year in the e-juice market with many satisfied customers in Europe. Our priority is to support our customers the best way we can.

e-flavors and e-juices from vapers to vapers.


Eliquid France is a French brand of eliquid with high quality made with components from EU countries.

Eliquid France is a solution with ingredients created from data sheets in accordance with Regulation (CE) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 26 (REACH).

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority, we try always to find the best suppliers for all components to ensure high quality and safety for the users.

Innovation Flavours

Innovation is the Bulgarian Leader in Manufacture of Flavour e-liquids. Human potential and Modern technologies guarantees that products’ quality is up to the international standards. What we do:

  • Manufacture and develop flavor e-liquids
  • Promote only the best raw materials that benefit our customers
  • Develop and improve our flavours analyzed by qualified laboratories
  • Individual design for bottles, labels, boxes, flavor
  • Professional service
  • One-stop provider for all your needs

Quality Management:
Exceptional Quality is Innovation’s general business approach focused on quality in all our organizational processes. Our quality program is focused on 4 key areas:

  • High precision machines and production line
  • Compliance with labelling regulation
  • Processes, Implementation & Measurement
  • Control and smart objectives


Umami liquids uses the finest European ingredients for the e-liquid production.
The high quality ingredients are certified for e-liquid production (G.R.A.S.) and are approved by FDA and F.E.M.A.
We only use are CHILDPROOF PET bottles.


Visionary, dynamic and progressive— this is how you could define RITCHY in a few words. From modest beginnings in mid-2009 in Moscow, founders Andrey Subbotin and Maxim Kosenko in just 5 years have succeeded through their bold vision in building up a prosperous international business and have become global players in the young but competitive e-cigarette and e-liquid market. Counting 4 distribution centres in 3 continents, own manufacturing facility and the determination of 200 professionals all over the world represent RITCHY’s strong position among other brands. Our presence in more than 70 countries allows us to be in close touch with all our partners and consumers.


When we focus on making a new e-liquid, the first thing we do is start talking to our suppliers and refer to chemical engineering literature referencing the physical structure of flavors. Once we understand the chemistry behind the idea, we plan towards eliminating potentially harmful compounds and use only the safest and most desirable components. This is the most assured method to meet and exceed the highly individualized preferences of our clientele in terms of both safety and taste.

HEXOcell e-liquids contain safe ingredients commonly used in manufacturing food items and various household products that are fully compliant with USP, BP, and EP regulations. Our e-liquids are based on generally recognized as safe (GRAS) ingredients that include propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and food-grade flavorings. The correct balance between these components is crucial because it is responsible for consistent vapor production and affects the atomization process in general. We use only pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine in making our e-liquids. Even so, e-liquids should only be used or handled by responsible adults.

The exceptional quality of our ingredients is only one aspect of making a safe and delicious e-liquid - a professional production process and informative packaging is as important as choosing and using the right ingredients. We double filter all components, provide for anti-oxidation protection, and test at each production level to ensure optimal vapor performance and flavor transmission. We use food-grade packaging that guarantees freshness and safety. HEXOcell e-liquid bottles are fully tamper-proof, guaranteeing the customer to be the first to open a fresh bottle; each bottle features relevant information on nicotine levels, expiry dates, ingredients, and more.


All our American Stars products are coming in unique designs. The colorful labels and 10ml cardboard packages are in full conformity with all regulations for electronic cigarettes and liquids, made by the European Union and makes our products state of the art- not only in taste and product quality but also in packaging.


We are an e-liquid producing company of the production of highest quality products. Atmos Lab is the 1st e-liquid Laboratory that is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 international standard. We are located in Athens, Greece.
Atmos Lab established in 2011 and has become very famous for the Fine Quality of ready-to-vape e-liquids and DIY bases and flavours. Using only the finest quality of raw materials, all products are the result of hard work upon quality control checks. Atmos Lab is the greatest brand name in DIY in Greece and recently has started to export products in European Union. Quality control of products is a very important point for Atmos Lab. We take part in the greater ever Eliquid Analysis Program which lasts 3 years. Every month, Toxicology Laboratory of Medical School in University of Thessaly and Crete analyze our products to evaluate our standards: TSNAs free and PAHs free products. Our stable steps in the ecig market made us a totally reliable company offering only quality vaping products.


Totally Wicked (TW) was born of passion, a passion for vaping, a passion for business and a passion for service, and this still remains the backbone of our company today.

Totally Wicked has been trading since 2008 and is one of the founding companies of the electronic cigarette market. We were established with a mission to provide the best quality nicotine fluids, electronic cigarettes and the best possible customer service and support.

The hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of our TW team has secured and proven our position as one of the world’s premier electronic cigarette and e-liquid providers. Our helpful team will go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are provided with appropriate and reliable products, support and information. We offer several means for our customers to get in touch and contact us: through contacting our team on 0845 602 9661, via our own forum, or by joining one of our ever-growing social media groups. We also have a number of retail shops where you can visit and purchase your vaping goods from.

At Totally Wicked we stock a large and growing range of products, ensuring we continue to be able to meet the needs of new and experienced users alike.

The market for e-liquid is growing rapidly as the immense positive potential for electronic cigarettes is starting to be more widely understood. This growth has produced a rush to find e-liquid, often from whatever source can provide, irrespective of the quality or indeed an understanding of the constituent ingredients. Totally Wicked NEVER sources fluid unless we have assured ourselves we are content with the safety and quality.

We build long-term relationships, we do not flit from supplier to supplier and we demand and assure both quality and consistency by working closely with all our suppliers and building strong inter-dependent relationships that build further the assurance of quality.

We stock a significant range of both electronic cigarettes and vaporising devices as well as a range of e-liquid, which is framed around our four distinctive fluid ranges. Unlike most electronic cigarette companies, we have never allowed our fluids to be seen as a simple ‘commodity’ product used to sell our products. Quite the contrary, we place our fluids at the centre of our company’s business model. Each of our 4 ranges has their own heritage and relevance to our business. Our Red Label fluid is our exclusive signature range from our own in-house development and production team with the range using only the very best UK sourced ingredients.

You will also find that we promote the best possible value for money for our customers. No ploys to get you hooked to a device that has replenished cartridges at exorbitant prices. Our ‘Mix Your Own’ fluids where devised to allow both the widest of choice and the best value for money for our customers. Mixing you own fluids provides customers with the best quality and personalised flavours at a price that is unequalled internationally.

Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

We are a company that truly values some basic principles of integrity and honesty. This drives how we treat our customers and our employees. If we get our service wrong, it is because we have made a mistake and we want to know when this occurs so we can correct and build greater resilience and service quality into our businesses. For that reason we encourage all our customers to give us feedback. Through our Forum, our customer service team, our shops and resellers, or indeed if you feel it to be the right means, come to our offices and let us know.

Vaping and the products we and other vendors sell are transforming the centuries old habit of millions. We intend to be here supporting our customers and fighting for the rights of Vapers internationally whenever rights and freedom of choice are threatened. It is in these matters that our principles are again called to action. We will never allow for our commercial interests to override our basic responsibilities to do the right thing for our customers. This is how we hold ourselves to account each and every day.

Thank you for visiting our site. There are many company that sell electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, but there is only one community that is Totally Wicked.

The perfumer΄s apprentice

Perfumer's Apprentice was started in 2004 to help perfumers and flavorists of all skill and experience levels learn about and use truly professional fragrance and flavoring components. Let us help you on your journey into the world of personal scent and flavor creation!

Tmax Dr. Stanley Clark΄s Snake Oil & Sands of Time

Tmax Juices is a new venture for me in the e-cigarette business.

My name is Simon Wilson, my background is the catering trade. Until 2009 I ran a UK company specialising in value-added meat and poultry products to hotels and restaurants in London and the home counties.

I started smoking "full time" at the age of 15, and have smoked 30 per day for 35 years. I stopped smoking cigarettes in 2013 when I got my first e-cigarette. This was a simple cig-a-like, with an automatic battery and cartridges containing some tobacco flavoured juice.

I started juice making just to see what I could produce. With my methodical nature, and catering background I was soon experimenting with different flavours and how they interacted with the effect of vaping.

Snake Oil was made by part design and part accident. It is the result of quite careful research and even more careful and documented trials. I knew I wanted something with the flavours layered, which aids complexity, and adds depth to the juice.

The name came about through googling elixir and finding the wonderful story of Clark Stanley, back at the turn of the century in the United States. After his conviction he decided to change his name.....!!!!


Lamda Handcrafting extraordinary liquids.

What does it really take to handcraft an extraordinary vaping liquid?

To answer this defining question, we primarily had to determine those fundamental and yet simple principles Lamda would have to embrace.

When it comes to creating a premium product, you must first ensure that you use the finest raw materials you can possibly find. Ultra-pure nicotine, premium quality vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, as well as, the best flavors manufactured around Europe, are harmonically combined in order to create, what we are confident to say, extraordinary vaping liquids.

At Lamda we pay proper attention to every step of the manufacturing process. Our team consists of an experienced chemical engineer, a full time digital industry expert/part time mixologist and an upcoming industrial engineer. Each one is complementary to the other and all of us are working together in a strictly supervised environment, to handcraft liquids truly worth vaping every time, every day.

Every Lamda product released in the market, is a result of countless efforts and rigorous testing to determine, what we believe to be, its ideal formula. So, when a Lamda bottle reaches its owner we are absolutely confident that he shares the same life defining experience as we do, while vaping the same liquid.